Encantada at the avam

800 Key Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21230 | Federal Hill


Small Plates

Miso Mushroom Toast
roasted local musroom duxelle salsa verde, ciabatta toast

Fried Green Tomato
herbed cashew cream


Large Plates

Grilled Wild Mushrooms
soba salad, glazed choy, gochujang

Green Onion Hushpuppies
local corn, red pepper sauce



Quinoa Flapjack
blackberry laced maple syrup


Located within the American Visionary Art Museum, Encantada reveals the symbiosis of art, food, dreams and reality. Drawing on the importance of "roots," both creative and culinary, we support regional farms, ranches, and aqua-culture, thus nurturing the concept of sustainability. We share the belief that getting back to basics helps move us forward. Encantada is an enchanted escape where boundaries are blurred and tastes are celebrated.