Joe Squared

33 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201 | Station North


Our risottos feature carnaroli rice, slow cooked in rich vegetable stock and cooked with cream. All risottos are naturally gluten free. We can make any risotto vegan with coconut milk instead of cream and vegan cheese instead of cheese. Here are a selection of our favorite vegan risottos:

Avocado Risotto
Avocado, pine nuts, corn and vegan cheese.

Eggplant Risotto
Roasted eggplant, capers, diced tomato, vegan cheese, crushed pine nuts and basil.

Mushroom Risotto
Roasted mushrooms, thyme, almonds and vegan cheese.

Spinach Risotto
Spinach, walnut oil, red onion, roasted garlic, coconut milk and vegan cheese.

Sweet Potato Risotto
Sweet potato, sage and vegan cheese.

Tomato Risotto
Oven-roasted tomato, pesto, vegan cheese, basil and sea salt


We are a family-owned, Baltimore-bred, award-winning restaurant and bar for people who love food, drink, music, art and community. Our menu features signature dishes like coal-fired, thin-crust sourdough pizza and 25 varieties of risotto.